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Build ancient monuments and fortresses that will stand the test of time! With our custom Kingdoms plugin, you can build monuments to worship the gods.


Capture towns, destroy your enemies, and conquer new land! We have a unique conquest system which changes how you plan your attack.


Inspire your people with discoveries and works. Our new districts feature will let you create monuments to stand the test of time! And with our custom advancements, you will learn new technologies as your Kingdom advances.

Custom Mobs

Experience the world with more mobs than before, including Boars, Bulls, and more!

Custom Advancements

With over 20 custom advancements, you'll feel rewarded in your quest to rule the continents!

Custom Continents

All terrain generated within the realm of Dregora is completely custom! Explore new exciting lands that you've never seen before.

Intelligent NPCs

Our NPCs don't just stand there. They can defend themselves, kill you, protect citizens, and almost have a mind of their own.

Introducing: The Shipwright

A new era of trade

IslandEarth II will introduce the ShipWright, which allows you to buy ships that can actually move!

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About The Server

​ IslandEarth is a Medieval MMO Kingdoms server, with an experienced team behind the scenes, we generate only the best of content to satisfy your Minecraft experience. We aim to change how you see Minecraft, and make your experience one of a kind. Some of our features include but are not limited to the following...


Custom Biomes


Custom Made Structures


Custom advancements


Unique player joins


Custom Mobs


Custom Continents

Join us today

To join our server, you must apply for alpha tester on the forums, or you can find out more information about our server.

IslandEarth II

New lands await...
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