IslandEarth III

A new world

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Build your own Kingdom, or live peacefully within one. Create mighty castles, or see them destroyed by your enemies.


Capture towns, destroy your enemies, and conquer new land! Explode castle walls, or sabotage their gate. There's no rules in war. Our Conquest System is one of a kind, and you will see it nowhere else.


See your empire grow before you, and earn rewards as you progress. Lead your people using your strategic mind to gather, consume, and fight.

Custom Mobs

Experience the world with more mobs than before, including Boars, Bulls, and more!

Custom Plugins

Nearly all of IslandEarth's plugins are custom, meaning you're getting some of the best content possible!

Custom Terrain

All terrain generated within the realm of Dregora is completely custom! Explore new exciting lands that you've never seen before.

Intelligent NPCs

NPCs will travel to other towns, trade, and each will follow a different path. Perhaps one might end up as a bandit that you can hire to defend your Kingdom?

Hundreds of Items

Forge your own combat strategy: our balanced item system, each with its own texture, ensures no battle will be the same.

Moving World

Operate working siege engines, airships, and many more...

About The Server

​ IslandEarth is a unique Medieval MMO Kingdoms server. With an experienced team behind the scenes, we generate only the best of content to satisfy your Minecraft experience. We aim to change how you see Minecraft, and make your experience one of a kind. Some of our features include but are not limited to the following...


Custom Biomes


Custom Made Structures


Custom World Chunks

Join the adventure

IslandEarth III is currently Work In Progress. We recommend you join our Discord. The development of IslandEarth is currently on-going and we are looking for new, talented individuals.

About the Lands of Dregora

The Lands of Dregora is our huge custom map of a size of 24,000 x 24,000. It has over 235 custom biomes and 2131 custom made structures.

IslandEarth III