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We're now moving to our new forums! Any news will now be posted there, and on our Discord, instead of this page.

New Terrain

The World of Dregora is undergoing a major rework for IslandEarth III. Here are some screenshots.

Character Map and Torch Light

Recently we have developed a minimap for your travels in the World of Dregora. Minimap's have a few notable features;

• Transparency can be toggled

• Markers are shown to denote entities, quest locations, towns, and more

• Invisible entities will not be shown - meaning you can still sneak up on your enemies

Your map will be removed if you go underground. Additionally, if you have a torch in your inventory that will be moved to your offhand - as a new feature we also have are torches that emit light when held.

Website Released

Our website has been re-launched. We now have SSL and the site loads a lot faster. We also have this new page you're on right now!